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Having development of Kish island on mind, Nargoon Kish Co. by using expertise and experiences of active constructors in this field along with profiting from free economic zones potentials, has been established in 2010.




Nargoon Kish Co. is stablished with the aim of gathering experiences and assets of initial founders to be used in bigger projects in order to have continuos presence in construction industry. This company not only managed to gather the experiences and assets of its co-founders, but also succeeded in fundraising small capitals and directing them to fruitful and job creating activities. In such that young and expert Iranian compatriots are employed in different construction sites of this company.  


Board of Directors of Nargon Kish Co. :

Mr. Mahmoud Saghafi: Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Saeed Sadeghi Ghohroodi:Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Alireza Ramezani Tehrani: Managing Director



1- designing and participating in development projects of Kish island to attract more local and international tourists and to increase profitability of the company.

2- creating more opportunities to attract more small capitals for constructive activities.

3- educating and training skilled personnel and experts as the most valuable assets of the company.

4- utilizing up-to-date technologies in design and construction of building projects to increase customer satisfaction, decrease energy consumption, reach higher quality and more durability of buildings.

5- anticipating society's new demands in the construction field and creating services to meet these needs.


Completed projects:

1- Kish Parsis Residential Towers

2- Parsis Shopping Centre

3- Behkish Shopping Centre

4- Nargoon Residential Complex

5- Showroom Project


Associates :        

1- Amayesh Rah Tose’e (ART) engineering consultant co.

2- Atiyeh Parsis kish Co.                                        

3- Saba tamin parsian Co.                                    

4- Sazeh souleh mammut Co.                                                                                                 

5- Arshe Gostar batis Co.                                     

6- Iran pitch Co.                                                  

7- Super pipe Co.                                                  

8- Siman Soheil kish Co.

9- Canfet Co.

10-Steel oxin Co.                                                


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