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Parsis Mall project on a land with an area of ​​4,300 square meters and infrastructure of more than 20,000 square meters in the heart of Kish Island and adjacent to the markets and hotels of the island with the participation of Atieh Company.
Made by Parsis Mall and Nargoon Kish Company. The project was built in a total of 7 floors (2 parking floors + ground floor + 4 floors on the ground floor) with a useful infrastructure of 8,525 square meters in 2016.

Useful service and exhibition space: 6082 square meters, including 64 booths and related warehouses, as well as restaurant, book cafe, fast food and coffee shop.
Useful office spaces: 2981.32 square meters, including 26 Office units.

10740.45 square meters of common areas including parking spaces, stairs and elevators, corridors, sports spaces and…

Project start: 1394 - Project end: 1398

Separate use of classes:

  • First and second basements: Warehouses - Parking - Support spaces for service units - Sports spaces
  • Gym - Facility spaces
  • Ground floor and first floor: exhibition booths
  • Second floor: service spaces - restaurant - book cafe - fast food and coffee shop
  • Third and fourth floors: administrative units

Some of the facilities and specifications of the materials used in the project:

  • 3 elevators from Thyssen Krup
  • 6 escalators from Thyssen Krup
  • Dry and steam sauna space
  • Gym space
  • Duct split cooling system
  • Facade and common lighting - RGE design and implementation
  • Ceramic stone of first class foreign type and high quality domestic products
  • False ceilings from moisture-proof (MR) products of Knauf Iran Company
  • Interior decoration of exterior thermowood and grillium and aluminum louvers
  • Double glazed and Securite and jumbo glasses are the best domestic brands
  • Exterior automatic doors from Tormex Sliding brand
  • Interior and exterior paint from Jutan Emirates brand
  • Epoxy paint for floors and walls of parking lots from the products of Rang Elixir Company
  • Firefighting piping materials from UAE NAFFCO products

Kish, Tehran Blvd., Obaid Zakanani St., Parsis Bazaar